May 14, 2021

Tango Cafe takeout #61

Tonight on the show we were joined by Daniel Trenner.
If you are dancing tango, or have danced tango, in the US over the last 30 years,
Daniel is probably part of the reason why.

Daniel spent a good amount of time in the 1980's in Buenos Aires, before it was a tango tourist destination. During that time and after he studied with as many dancers and teachers as he could find. He made a series of over 80 instructional videos with over 40 artists capturing a very unique moment in the history of tango that would have otherwise been lost forever except through stories.

During the tours he filmed interviews, Milongas, tour workshops, special private lessons, and parties. Today he has hundreds of hours of footage from this period, mostly on VHS and Hi8 tapes. Since 2010, he has been slowly working to preserve this library by digitizing and cataloging this aging material. His digital Tango Archive, 20 years in the making, will hopefully be released this year, but much of the material has yet to be converted and cataloged. Completing the project will require the support of the greater Tango community.

There is a lot more being discussed in the show and we hope you enjoy learning about the history and growth of tango.

Thank you all for listening, calling and being a part of this while we are all apart. We will continue to bring you great shows to keep us connected socially as we learn and talk about Tango as it has so many layers.

Tango Cafe takeout is a donation based show. If you would like to help you can send any contributions here.
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