June 11, 2020

Tango Cafe takeout #13

Tonight on the show we had Craig Herrington play some LIVE prerecorded music for us. We chatted a laughed. It was fun to learn more about him and his fascination with large piano's.

Angeles Chanaha and Kristian Velazquez joined us for 5 Questions and it was a ball. We talked about a lot of interesting tango things and laughed a lot.
Angeles has an extremely deep history in tango and she shared a lot of her storied with us.

Craig Herrington played live music for us.

Omar called in to talk about his love of the Instant Pot and of course Marcelo Gutierrez joined as well.

And so many of you called in once again and shared your time and thoughts with us.

Please remember Tango Cafe takeout is a donation based show, until we can get back to the REAL THING. Any support is appreciated. 
You can send donations to :

Adamandciko@gmail.com Via
PayPal or Venmo

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